Canobie Lake Park vs. Six Flags

Recently, I had the great opportunity to visit both Six Flags New England and Canobie Lake Park in two days. Although the two are know to be great amusement parks, there are several differences between them making each an interesting and unique experience.

Six Flags New England is located in Agawam, Massachusetts, about a two hour drive from Boston. It is the definition of an amusement park. With roller coasters such as Superman, Batman, The Mind Eraser, and Cyclone, Six Flags is heaven for those who love heart stopping speed and mind numbing drops. An entire day there is certainly worth the admission fee and will no doubt please the visitor. There are rides and games for everyone to enjoy and the lines for the rides are short enough that the day will not be wasted waiting. However, despite the greatness of the rides, the cost of food, drinks and other forms of nourishment is unbelievably expensive. It is infuriating how a twenty ounce bottle of water costs $3.50 and a half-descent hamburger costs $7. Excluding the admission fee, it is easy to spend at least $50 in no time at all if one is not careful and selective about purchases.

Canobie Lake Park, located in Salem, New Hampshire, is what I like to call a carnival park. Despite Cork Screw and Canon Ball, Canobie Lake Park has no rides that would really make it associated with other amusement parks. Many of the rides such as Wipe Out, No Gravity, Psycho, and Pirata are commonly found in standard carnivals. However, these rides are definitely worth the drive and admission fee. This park is also far less cheaper than Six Flags as far as food and drinks go. It still costs a pretty penny but as far as quality and size goes, it beats out Six Flags. Canobie Lake Park is also great for one of my favorite hobbies: people watching. I don’t mean to offend anyone who goes to Canobie Lake Park, but the strangest and funniest people go there. Go with a funny friend and expect laughs every second of your visit, even while waiting in the nearly non-existent lines.

Both parks are fun and full of adventure but each one has its advantages over the other. I would recommend both of these parks to anyone on any day.


One Response to “Canobie Lake Park vs. Six Flags”

  1. hello we love canobie very much and i cant even believe you compaed it to six flags because canobie is so much better. and strange people dont go there. we are natives not strange. if canobie is taken over by six flags we will move to mexico and never come back and build our own replica of canobie we will change 0 gravity back to roundup, put the matterhornn back in, put pillows on the corkscrew, make the wipeout less painful, and put the pool back in. and ps — its the phsycoDROME! thank you for your time.

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